Odio Brings Spatial Soundscapes to Apple Vision Pro

February 2, 2024

Odio Media, the 2022 Apple Design Award winning team behind Odio - Spatial Soundscapes for iOS, proudly announces the release of Odio for Apple Vision Pro.

Odio for Apple Vision Pro is a completely re-imagined audio visual experience for spatial computing. It enables users to enrich their environment with Odio spatial audio ornaments, emitters of rich spatial audio soundscapes.

Each Odio ornament is a focal point for an immersive auditory experience, creating a personal aura of sound that complements and enhances the user’s environment. Whether for relaxation, focus or simply enjoyment of a unique auditory backdrop, these ornaments bring a new level of customization to personal spaces.

Crafted exclusively for Apple Vision Pro, soundscapes comes alive with exquisite visuals by HyperCulture, providing a harmonious audio visual blend.

Soundscapes seamlessly adapt to the user's surroundings, ensuring a natural and lifelike audio experience, thanks to Apple Vision Pro’s cutting-edge ray-tracing audio technology.

Odio for visionOS offers a unique and enriching experience. It's more than an app – it's a journey into a world where sound is an integral part of the sensory environment. Experience a new dimension of spatial audio with Odio on Apple Vision Pro.

Odio for Vision Pro is now available on the visionOS App Store at apps.apple.com/app/odio-spatial-soundscapes/id1556016869?platform=appleVisionPro.

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